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Confetti Cookies

Confetti Cookies

So I pretty much made the Birthday Cake Crumb just so I could make these cookies.  I am always on the lookout for a new cookie to add to the rotation and these looked, how shall I say….nomnomnomnom.  And they are.  If the idea of a Funfetti-inspired cookie brings a smile to your face, you should definitely try them, too.

I don’t know about you, but I had never before made a cookie with milk powder as one of the ingredients.  Yet another stroke of Christina Tosi’s genius.  Also unique, of course, is her use of glucose along with the granulated sugar, but I did not have any (and was too lazy to order it) and so used corn syrup instead.

The resulting cookie is really fantastic.  Buttery, the right amount of sweetness with a touch of saltiness, the occasional crunch from the Birthday Cake Crumb–this cookie is so much better than any store-bought goodie, unless of course you’re at momofuku milk bar.  The exterior is perfectly crisp whilst the center remains wonderfully fudgey.  And the sprinkles?  Well, what’s not to love about sprinkles?

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