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Creamy Tomato Cheddar Soup

Tomato Cheddar Soup

I’ve always hated Campbells tomato soup.  Sometimes I would try to like it to no avail.  Not even when paired with a grilled cheese sandwich.  This naturally led me to the belief that I simply hated tomato soup, and that was all there was to it.

Then one day it happened.

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Jack-Studded Turkey Meatloaf

Turkey meatloaf

Nothing says homey comfort food like a good meatloaf.  Though decidedly unsexy, meatloaf certainly delivers an almost unparalleled stick-to-your-ribs satisfaction.  What I love about this recipe is that not only is it better for you, it is also packed with flavor and cheesy goodness.  I’d even go so far as to say that I like this particular recipe better than my favorite beef/pork meatloaf.  What makes this turkey meatloaf so great is the variety of flavors it offers.  Though the ground turkey alone may seem boring, a bit of fresh Italian pork sausage, minced aromatics, freshly ground herbs, and creamy Monterey Jack cheese take it to a whole new level.  Plus, the leftovers make fantastic sandwiches or even makeshift meatballs when diced and added to marinara.

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Twisted Herb and Cheese Breadsticks

Twisted Herb and Cheese Breadsticks

If you ever happen to visit Seattle, I really hope you’ll make a point of popping into Beecher’s Handmade Cheese.  It’s right across from Pike Place Market and you’d be going there anyway, right?  Right.  Anyway, not only can you watch batches of cheese being made right before your eyes, but their menu boasts some seriously delicious offerings.  One of my personal favorites is their Tomato-Cheddar Soup paired with a big Breadzel, an über good breadstick all twisted up like a pretzel with cheese and herbs hiding within.  Lucky for me (and you) both of these recipes can be found in Kurt Beecher Dammeier’s excellent cookbook, Pure Flavor.

Here, I’ve made an adaptation using my own pizza dough recipe.  Depending on how many breadsticks you need, you can either use a half-batch of pizza dough or the whole kit and kaboodle.  I’ve also given instructions (and nutrition information) for two different sizes–giant and regular.  Though, if you’ve got a crowd coming over or you’d like smaller appeteaser-sized sticks, make ’em whatever size suits your fancy.  Just watch them as they bake and pull them out when they’re light golden brown in places.

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Deep Dish Cinnamon Buns with Grandma Hazel’s Creamy Glaze

Deep Dish Cinnamon Buns

Well now!  It has been several weeks since my last post and for that, I am sorry.  The holidays have a way of making the time fly, what with all the merry making.  I do hope you had a lovely Christmas and the new year is just around the corner!  If you happen to be one of the many who plan to shed pounds in 2013, stay tuned for future posts to help you with your goals.  In addition to waistline-friendly recipes, I’ll be sure to post tips, tricks, and commonsense recommendations for your nutrition and fitness resolutions.

In the meantime, however, let there be Deep Dish Cinnamon Buns!  Let me be clear, I have not tweaked or modified these to be a ‘health food.’  No, these are an indulgence, pure and simple: a potato-enriched yeast dough is shaped, dunked in butter and then rolled in a brown sugar-cinnamon coating, baked until glorious and finally drizzled with Grandma Hazel’s Creamy Glaze.  These are absolutely worth the effort and your family is sure to rise up and call you blessed.

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Citrus Grilled Chicken

Apple Blossom Festival is upon us, and with it, the Food Fair!  Ah yes, even a dietitian such as myself can get a little giddy at the thought of funnel cakes, tortatoes, and food vendors as far as the eye can see…though the outrageous prices do keep one in check, thankfully.  I have to admit, I always get a good laugh whenever I cross paths with past or present clients.  Despite the fact that I, myself, might be toting an enormous plate of questionable food, my clients will often duck behind a tent or attempt to hide their food from my gaze when I pass.  And, even when I haven’t seen a familiar face, I inevitably receive guilty emails of confession after the fact.

In any case, we are headed to the Food Fair tomorrow and my husband has accordingly requested something light for dinner…a little pre-penance.  This recipe for Citrus Grilled Chicken is one of my stand-by’s for such an occasion (and many others, for that matter!).  Quick and easy both to prepare and grill, I throw it together whenever I need something in a pinch with great flavor.

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