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Cherry Almond Breakfast Bars


I’ve been wanting to make some sort of fruity breakfast bar that could actually pass as part of a balanced breakfast…as opposed to, you know, a dessert hiding beneath a few oats.  To make matters even better, I recently came into a few bags of beautifully frozen sweet red cherries and have been itching to do something yummy with them.  Though March is just around the corner, cherry season is still a ways off and I’m definitely missing summer fruit.

So here’s what I came up with.  The base is a lightly sweetened oat crust that’s quickly made in the food processor and then baked solo while you whip up the cherry filling.  Just toss a few easy ingredients together and you’re practically done.  Dump the filling on your crust, top with some more oat crumb and sliced almonds, and then back in the oven.  Though these take about an hour to make–start to finish–there’s really nothing fussy about them.  The crust is actually an adaptation of a recipe from Baked: New Frontiers in Baking; inspired by their Raspberry Crumb Breakfast Bar, I set to work tweaking the ingredients and swapping out the filling until I came up with the rendition you’ll find below.

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