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Golden Delicious Apple Pie

Golden Delicious Apple Pie

It’s hard to beat a great slice of pie–especially if it’s apple pie–and this time of year, there is no shortage of apples in Washington State.  So many delicious varieties are available now and with a husband in the biz, I get to try varieties both unique and still under development.  Even now, I’ve got a bag of Pink Pearls tucked away and I find myself with a severe case of decision paralysis when it comes to what to do with them.  A pie?  A tart?  Chutney?  But I digress.  This recipe is all about the ubiquitous Golden Delicious.  While many bakers immediately reach for a tart apple when baking a pie, my husband surprised me when he came home with some of the most mammoth Goldens I had ever seen and, with a smile, requested pie.  Come to find out, Golden Delicious apple pie is actually a favorite around the office and he was eager to give it a whirl.

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