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For your Sick-Day Survival Kit

Last week was officially the lost week.  The entire crew came down with some nasty strain of the stomach flu and it was no 24-hour bug.  Yeesh.  Anyway, as I struggled to keep myself and my family from the brink of serious dehydration, I was ever-so-happy that I had happened to pick up a big ole’ canister of Gatorade mix a couple months back.  While most folks think of Gatorade as merely a sports drink, it is supremely useful to have on-hand whenever dehydration threatens a trip to the ER.

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Caffeine Confusion

When it comes to staying hydrated, many people wonder if their morning cup of Joe will contribute to their fluid needs, or if they’ll have to drink extra water to make up for it.  Fortunately, studies have shown that caffeinated beverages can indeed be counted toward our daily fluid intake.

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