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One pound at a time, one tablespoon at a time

When it comes to weight loss, don’t discount the small things.  Though drastic measures may be tempting in moments of desperation, lasting weight loss can be yours with a few tweaks here and there.  Don’t get me wrong–weight loss almost always requires due diligence and commitment.  But!  If you are a clever one, you might just be able to lose a few pounds without too much heartache.  But like I said, it’s about the small things.

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Clean-up in the produce department, please…

Cantaloup.  Bagged salad greens.  Mangoes.  Bean sprouts.  More bagged salad greens.  Man oh man, the produce recalls for bacterial contamination have been bad the past several months.  While those fresh fruits and veggies may look amazing in their summer glory, let’s be real for a moment:  though they may look nothing other than appetizing to the naked eye, they can be covered with…well..all sorts of nastiness.  Like salmonella.  And E. coli.  And listeria.  Oh, and don’t forget all the viruses that have been massaged onto those tomatoes and peaches by countless fondling fingers.  From field to packing to purchasing, there are any number of ways these disease-fighting foods could be contaminated with dangerous pathogens.  So much for ‘triple washed and ready to eat,’ right?  These recent recalls have proven that our fresh fruits and veggies should be presumed dirty despite the labeling.

Most of us would think the answer is simple, yes?  Just wash your produce before eating it!  But does that really work?  Does a quick rinse under the tap make a difference?

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Taste the Rainbow!

Do you get at least 5-a-day?

No—I’m not talking about Skittles or anything else having to do with Red 40, Yellow 5, or Blue 10.

I’m talking about nature’s candy.  You know…Fruits and vegetables?  While you just might be one of the healthy few that nosh on produce in abundance, the vast majority of Americans are not getting nearly enough.  Quite often, fruits and veggies never even make it into the cart (except maybe in the form of frozen French fries or ketchup) and if they do, those poor nutritional gems are relegated to the back of the fridge where they are soon forgotten and sentenced to wither and wilt behind the pickles.

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