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Pull-Apart Dinner Rolls


This past week, we’ve been fighting off various forms of sickness and sickness, as you know, calls for soup.  Soup, of course, calls for something warm from the oven and while I was initially contemplating Southern Buttermilk Biscuits, I suddenly got a craving for some pull-apart rolls.  Soft and buttery, these were just what the doctor ordered.  Plus, I had been wanting to fiddle around with the dough from my Cinnamon Buns to see if I could create a nice dinner roll recipe.  I love, love, love doughs that have been fortified with potato and so I had high hopes I could come up with something good.

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Healthier, Easier

Quick!  Let’s do a little word association: When I say, ‘health food’ what’s the first thought that comes to mind?  Does the very notion conjure up images of huge grocery bills or tearful children?  Fear not!  Though a lot of people think that eating healthier would necessarily require a complete diet overhaul, just a few tweaks and sneaks can make a huge difference.  Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

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Pizza Dough


I love pizza.  Anytime.  Anywhere.  Unfortunately, ordering up a pie of any kind on a regular basis is a sure and fast way to amply fill out those skinny jeans.  Have you ever checked the nutrition info on your favorite slice?  Most have around 350-450 calories per slice!  And let’s be real.  You’re not just eating one slice, are you?

So how does the avid pizza lover turn this greasy indiscretion into sensible fare?  The answer is to make your own!  This recipe makes a fantastic pizza, not to mention delicious bread sticks and calzone.  In fact, over the next few days I’ll be posting recipes for both Homemade Pizza as well as Twisted Herb and Cheese Bread Sticks for your eating enjoyment.

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Southern Buttermilk Biscuits

The Husband: "These are good."

The Husband: “These are good.”

Good news–I got a new camera for Christmas.  Better news?  Biscuits.  Who doesn’t love a good biscuit?  For many of us, perfect biscuits are a bit like the Holy Grail; we dream of light, buttery goodness and yet are haunted by memories of hockey pucks past.  Well, my friends, your search is over.  Not only are these biscuits tender and delicious, but they will rise to such heights as to shame that boxed Bisquick forever to the recesses of your pantry.

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Crock Pot Coconut Curry Chicken with Red Potatoes

Crock Pot Coconut Curry with Chicken

Okay, okay.  It is true that in the past (in fact, not that many posts ago), I have prattled on about the glories of enameled cast iron and how such braises prepared therein are vaaaastly superior to what you can cook up in the humble Crock Pot.  However!  That is NOT to say that there aren’t some seriously delicious Crock Pot recipes out there (I’ve been secretly amassing them).  Add to that the fact that most of these recipes are just so easy.  While some may involve a little saute action prior to being added to the slow cooker, others require nothing more than a can opener, a bit of chopping, and your ability to dump ingredients into the pot.  Gotta love that on a crazy day.

I’d say this dish is worth the effort, but there really is no effort involved.  So.  Easy.  You can also tweak this recipe in any number of ways–more/less curry, more/less spice, more veggies, different meat (or tofu!)–you get the idea.  Plus!  If you are trying to lose a little of that jiggle in 2013, this recipe would be an excellent addition to your repertoire.  Just a quick nutrition analysis will tell you this dish is rich in antioxidants, a great source of protein, includes complex carbs for lasting energy–even the capsaicin found in those tiny chili peppers might just give you an edge with your weight loss efforts.  All of this–and more!–for a  mere 333 calories (442 if you serve it up with some rice).

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Reach Your Resolution in 2013: January 1st

Welcome to 2013!  It’s a new year and for many, a chance to turn over a new leaf.  Resolutions abound–what are yours?  If weight loss happens to be on your radar, I’ve got a great series of posts coming your way in 2013.  Stay tuned for delicious (and waistline-friendly) recipes, weight loss tips, and strategies for dealing with those ever present obstacles we all face.

Speaking of which, let’s begin with a common obstacle that hits many hopefuls right out of the gates….

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