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Nutrition Makeover

It has been awhile since I last posted!  June and July have been *quite* busy, due in part to a new program I am launching for Gold’s Gym.  While Gold’s Gym might be famous for its yearly Challenge–a national contest which started right here, in my own valley–I have wanted to start a different sort of group program for the past couple years.  The timing is finally right and after much work, Nutrition Makeover will be launching in just over a week!

Change from the inside out!

Nutrition Makeover is a 30-day program that utilizes sound research and time-tested strategies for real lifestyle change and successful weight loss.  This is definitely no quick fix program.  No gimmicks, either.  With recurrent themes such as goal setting, self-monitoring, support, and accountability paired with research-proven nutrition strategies and exercise programming, participants will learn the skills and get the tools they need to lose the weight once and for all.

In addition to weekly classes, weekly weigh-ins, a Facebook group, e-blasts and email support, participants will also receive a binder loaded with written materials, meal plans, grocery lists, and more…a project that has kept me busy and away from blogging!  Our wonderful graphic designer is putting on the final touches and I am excited to see my writing all gussied up.  I’m sure that with the launch of Nutrition Makeover, I’ll find all sorts of inspiration for blog posts on the topic of weight loss and the obstacles that often stand in the way.  Though you may not be in my classroom, I hope that you’ll find encouragement and support throughout these posts as well as a few strategies to try–whatever your nutrition or health goals may be.


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