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In the mail: The Complete Book of Greek Cooking


Yes.  So I am really excited about this cookbook.  Though I don’t even have a smidge of Mediterranean blood in my veins, I do love the food.  Immensely.  Plus–added bonus–Mediterranean cuisine is well-known for its health benefits.  As a dietitian and home-cook, I am always on the prowl for recipes that are delicious and packed with good nutrition.  I actually find it hard believe that out of my 100+ cookbooks, this is my first a la Grecque.  While I am in no way deluded in thinking that every recipe will beat cancer (I’m sure many are loaded with fatty deliciousness), I do anticipate a healthy dose of fresh ingredients loaded with flavor.

As you can see from the byline, The Complete Book of Greek Cooking is from the Recipe Club of Saint Paul’s Greek Orthodox Cathedral; in other words, written by Greek church ladies.  Can you even begin to imagine their potlucks?  Be still my heart.  As I scoured the internet for a good Greek cookbook to buy, I knew I wanted something real with recipes my family would enjoy.  When I found this one, reviewers overwhelmingly described it as being authentic, Greek home-cooking.  Afterall, these recipes were coming from moms and yiayias bringing their Sunday best, not pretentious food writers looking to present the most exotic ditties they could find.

Flipping through the table of contents, I’ve already spotted several I’m eager to try:

  • Tzatziki (of course)
  • Kakavia
  • Kotopoulo Riganato tis Skaras (Broiled Chicken Oregano)
  • Kotopites (Chicken Breasts in Phyllo)
  • Kota me Anginares Plaki (Chicken Artichoke Casserole)
  • Souvlakia me Kota (Chicken Souvlakia)
  • Fetes Vodines se Peta (Beef Gyros)
  • Horiatiki Salata (Country-style Salad)
  • Peta (Pita bread)
  • Baklava
  • Vissino Glyko (Sour Cherry Preserves)

This weekend I made Faki, which is a lentil soup.  Hearty and delicious–especially when topped with feta cheese crumbles!  I’ll be sure to post about these recipes as I go along.  If you’re interested in picking up your own copy of The Complete Book of Greek Cooking, you can get it for a fabulous price at (I got it for $14 and some cents).

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