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Souvlakia me Kota se Peta

Souvlakia me Kota se Peta

Though summer may not have officially started, Memorial Day weekend at the lake is definitely a great time to kick-off the grilling season!  As promised, here are actually 3 different combined recipes from The Complete Book of Greek Cooking.  I’ve only tweaked them slightly and have included my changes below.  These pitas are perfect for lunch or dinner and the tzatziki dressing makes them amazing.  When you take a look at the recipes below, don’t be put-off by the steps and ingredients.  Both the chicken and tzatziki are super easy to make and can be prepped several hours in advance, saving you that last-minute frantic rush before serving.

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Metabolism, Weight Loss, and Muscle Growth

Workout here. Play out there.

I recently received an email from a prospective client who is interested in making some big changes to his physique.  To paraphrase, this fellow is wanting to lose a large amount of weight (50+ pounds) while building muscle at the same time.  He also recently had his resting metabolic rate (RMR) measured (a service we offer at Gold’s Gym using indirect calorimetry) and would like to boost his RMR by 600 calories.  His question to me was whether I could help him reach those goals through a carefully crafted meal plan.  Here is my reply for your viewing pleasure!  (Some details have been changed to protect the innocent…)

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In the mail: The Complete Book of Greek Cooking


Yes.  So I am really excited about this cookbook.  Though I don’t even have a smidge of Mediterranean blood in my veins, I do love the food.  Immensely.  Plus–added bonus–Mediterranean cuisine is well-known for its health benefits.  As a dietitian and home-cook, I am always on the prowl for recipes that are delicious and packed with good nutrition.  I actually find it hard believe that out of my 100+ cookbooks, this is my first a la Grecque.  While I am in no way deluded in thinking that every recipe will beat cancer (I’m sure many are loaded with fatty deliciousness), I do anticipate a healthy dose of fresh ingredients loaded with flavor.

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Making the Most of your Calories: Protein

Stroll down the diet and health aisle of your local bookstore (if you still have one) and you’ll see a myriad of diet books that each claim to hold the secret of getting thin and staying that way.  While high-protein diets are nothing new, the Atkins Diet really brought them back into the public eye after a long spell of low-fat plans.  Due to the huge popularity of Atkins, other high-protein/low-carb diets seemed to sprout up overnight.  All claimed that carbs made you fat and protein was the answer to your weight woes.  These diets did vary to some degree and offered up varying nutrient percentages.  While some eliminated entire food groups, others made more sensible recommendations.  But are high-protein diets really the way to go?  Just how much should you be eating?

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Taste the Rainbow!

Do you get at least 5-a-day?

No—I’m not talking about Skittles or anything else having to do with Red 40, Yellow 5, or Blue 10.

I’m talking about nature’s candy.  You know…Fruits and vegetables?  While you just might be one of the healthy few that nosh on produce in abundance, the vast majority of Americans are not getting nearly enough.  Quite often, fruits and veggies never even make it into the cart (except maybe in the form of frozen French fries or ketchup) and if they do, those poor nutritional gems are relegated to the back of the fridge where they are soon forgotten and sentenced to wither and wilt behind the pickles.

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