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Sunny Side Up

Eggs have been the center of a heated debate for quite some time.  Are they healthy or not?  And how many is too many?

Let’s get some stats.

A single large egg provides about 70 calories, 5 grams total fat, 1.5 grams saturated fat, 185 mg cholesterol, 0 carbs, and about 6 grams protein.  Eggs also provide a smattering of other essential nutrients, such as a small amount of various B vitamins, vitamin A, and a decent dose of vitamin D (about 10% of your daily value).  Egg yolks are also the richest source of choline, a B vitamin vital for normal cell function and a healthy central nervous system. So in a nutshell, we’ve got a nice little nutrient-rich source of highly bioavailable protein that is rather high in cholesterol.

Health experts who urge moderation argue that the high cholesterol content of eggs could contribute to heart disease risk.  Others point out that egg consumption has never actually been independently associated with heart disease and the nutrients found within make them a worthy addition to a healthy diet.  All acknowledge that egg whites are always a healthy choice since the vast majority of an egg’s fat and cholesterol is found in the yolk.  However, the yolk is also where many of the health-protective nutrients–including choline–are hiding.  So what’s the verdict here?

Last month, Runner’s World magazine did a nice little article outlining much of the latest research on eggs, highlighting benefits to weight loss, disease prevention, muscle strength, and more.  While there rarely seems to be a black and white answer to these questions, it does seem that more and more studies are vindicating the egg.

So here comes your cheesy egg pun…It looks like eggs are an egg-cellent part of a complete breakfast!

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One thought on “Sunny Side Up

  1. I love eggs…they are one of my favorite breakfast components

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