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Le Creuset Silicone Pastry Brush

Whether for basting those baby back ribs, applying an egg wash, or glazing a pastry, odds have it you’ve got a pastry brush hiding in one of your kitchen drawers.  I’m also guessing that if you gave it a once-over, that old solider is in a sad state–worn-out, shedding bristles, maybe even sticky with some residue of unknown origin.

Let me help you.  Toss that old brush and get yourself a Le Creuset Silicone Pastry Brush.

You need this.

Several features make this brush a must-have for your kitchen.  First, the silicone bristles are heat resistant up to 482 degrees, which means you can baste over heat without fear of singeing or melting.

Take a closer look at that old pastry brush you have lying around.  Feel the bristles.  I’m willing to bet they are stiff and maybe even crusted together (don’t worry, I won’t tell).  One of the best features of these silicone brushes is that they are dishwasher safe and get absolutely clean.  I can attest that even after every bristle has been coated with oil, a quick wash removes every bit of grease.  As a result, not only are you reducing risk for cross-contamination, but the bristles also remain pliable for brushing delicate pastry.

My favorite feature, though, is the fact that the Le Creuset Silicone Pastry Brush bristles do not fall out onto my food.  There are few things as unappetizing as finding a spiny, plastic bristle on your barbeque chicken, except maybe a plastic press-on nail.

The Le Creuset Silicone Pastry Brush comes in several snappy colors and can be found for a fabulous price at

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3 thoughts on “Le Creuset Silicone Pastry Brush

  1. Papadoc on said:

    I have one of these, and love it for oiling a pan, basting a turkey, painting sauce on grilling meat…etc…

  2. Your entire website is very interesting, as well as informative. I am very glad you are sharing your expertise with the rest of us. And yes, I want one!

  3. lanna on said:

    I’ve got a couple, almost certainly ones I found at TK Maxx. One’s got little knobbly bits on the ends of the bristles..not sure which I prefer. I’m just glad for silicone.

    You know what other kitchen utensil gets too little love? A cheapo pair of wooden toaster tongs.

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